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La Pocatiere, Quebec


Latitude: 47.3648759, Longitude: -70.0336736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LIZOTTE, Marie Anne  24 Mar 1679La Pocatiere, Quebec I1588
2 LIZOTTE, Marie Catherine  16 Apr 1687La Pocatiere, Quebec I1593
3 LIZOTTE, Marie Francoise  25 May 1681La Pocatiere, Quebec I1590
4 LIZOTTE, Noel  19 Sep 1677La Pocatiere, Quebec I1587
5 OUELLET, Andre  28 Apr 1739La Pocatiere, Quebec I1557
6 OUELLET, Francois  31 May 1734La Pocatiere, Quebec I1555
7 OUELLET, Jean-Baptiste  5 Oct 1727La Pocatiere, Quebec I1552
8 OUELLET, Joseph-Francois  30 Aug 1722La Pocatiere, Quebec I1540
9 OUELLET, Joseph-Francois  11 Jul 1755La Pocatiere, Quebec I684
10 OUELLET, Judith Marie Francoise  22 Oct 1741La Pocatiere, Quebec I1558
11 OUELLET, Louise Francoise  8 Mar 1752La Pocatiere, Quebec I1546
12 OUELLET, Marie Anne Francoise  14 Aug 1736La Pocatiere, Quebec I1556
13 OUELLET, Marie Catherine  2 Sep 1753La Pocatiere, Quebec I1547
14 OUELLET, Marie Charlotte  29 Nov 1746La Pocatiere, Quebec I1543
15 OUELLET, Marie Francoise  24 Dec 1748La Pocatiere, Quebec I1544
16 OUELLET, Marie Francoise  10 Jun 1750La Pocatiere, Quebec I1545
17 OUELLET, Marie Josephe  24 Oct 1729La Pocatiere, Quebec I1553
18 OUELLET, Marie Modeste  29 Jan 1786La Pocatiere, Quebec I683
19 OUELLET, Marie-Josephe  9 Sep 1745La Pocatiere, Quebec I1542
20 OUELLET, Pierre Sebastien  23 Apr 1732La Pocatiere, Quebec I1554
21 ROULEAU, Jean-Baptiste  19 Aug 1760La Pocatiere, Quebec I1765
22 ROULEAU, Marie Perpetue  8 Nov 1754La Pocatiere, Quebec I1764
23 ROULEAU, Marie-Josephe  14 Sep 1765La Pocatiere, Quebec I1767
24 ROULEAU, Pierre Antoine  4 Jan 1764La Pocatiere, Quebec I1766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE SAINT-PIERRE, Pierre  4 Jan 1726La Pocatiere, Quebec I1814
2 HUOT DIT SAINT-LAURENT, Marie Anne  1734La Pocatiere, Quebec I1825
3 LANGLOIS, Marie Anne  16 Mar 1704La Pocatiere, Quebec I1595
4 LIZOTTE, Marie Anne Josephe  Feb 1716La Pocatiere, Quebec I1551
5 OUELLET, Marie Francoise  Bef 10 Jun 1750La Pocatiere, Quebec I1544
6 OUELLET (OYLET), Gregoire  Bef 11 Nov 1720La Pocatiere, Quebec I1550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 OUELLET, Marie Modeste  30 Jan 1786La Pocatiere, Quebec I683