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Every Family has a Story

Some stories are shared, some are forgotten. Some are grand, some are rather ordinary. Some are fact based, some... not so much. A family history is the sum of all those stories. Our goal is to capture the stories that brought us to Canada from France, England, Ireland and Poland. A family's history should not be forgotten or hidden in a book on a shelf. It needs to be shared and cherished. George Robinson and Francis A. Bussiere shared this notion and were the catalysts to all that is captured on this site.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Captain William Christopher Captain William Christopher while under the employ of the Hudson Bay Company was charged with the task of finding the NorthWest Passage. Although unsuccessful in that endeavour, he did, over a span of twenty years, explore Hudson Bay and into what is now Nunavut. In 1761, he sailed up Chesterfield Inlet and found Baker Lake, the geographic centre of Canada. A large island formation at the mouth of the lake is now called Christopher Island in his honour. Legend suggests he was a friend of Captain Cook, however no facts have been secured to substantiate the claim.

feature 2 Nelson George Robinson An entrepreneur, Nelson George initially took his family to Scotland from England where he manufactured herring nets near Edinburgh. In about 1843, he emigrated to Canada and settled in Britannia (now Ottawa). He became a farmer, bought a fabric mill from John LeBreton and later became Reeve of Nepean. While one son (George) moved to Quebec City, another (Nelson George) settled in Manistee, Michigan. Both were were engaged in the lumber industry.

feature 3 Canon AMW Christopher Alfred Millard William Christopher studied at Cambridge and played cricket while there. Religion and academics were his calling; he was a Canon in the Anglican church and taught at Oxford. While at Oxford, he taught T. E. Lawrence of Lawrence of Arabia fame. AMW later moved to Calcutta, India becoming the first principal of La Martiniere school for boys.

feature 4 Margaret Robinson Bussiere Margaret was a devout Catholic and leader in her community. Along with her sisters, Ruth and Lily, she was a volunteer and very involved in many causes and groups. This was most evident in her work with the Catholic Women's League, holding many roles including National President. That role provided her with the opportunity to speak to various groups across Canada and to attend key events over the years, including an audience with Pope Pius XII in 1957 at the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations in Rome. In 1959 she was awarded the Pro Ecclessia et Pontifice for her work with the CWL.

feature 1 Interesting stories Stories are often are buried in the depths of a file cabinet, pages of a website or simply in the memories of a few people. By capturing and sharing some of our stories, they will hopefully live longer and be enjoyed by more. From a "Wow", to a "I didn't know that...", each story is interesting. Some we know are true, some we may never be able to truly authenticate. All are worth reading!

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